Would you like to refresh or improve your English language skills?
If you do, I have something very special for you!

Daniel Guzman Portrait

Hi, my name is Daniel and I have been teching English in Germany since 2012.

I specialize in Business and Technical English and have
a wide range of Corporate Clients who work in many fields
including, but not limited to, clerical, marketing, sales, engineering, human resources, IT and customer service.

I enjoy working with clients from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. For me, it is important to present and communicate difficult concepts in simple ways. I have a high success rate in preparing and training students to exel in taking the TOEIC, TOEFL and LCCI exams.

I am a certified TOEIC and TOEFL test administrator.

As we become more globalized, the importance of speaking fluent business English has increased. Long gone are the days of trying to avoid speaking with your English speaking counterparts, by asking them to send you information or making requests by email. To succeed in today's world, you have to be able to effectively telephone, present or negotiate in English.

Repetition leads to mastery and in this course you will learn, practice and use English language methods and tools to help you become a confident, concise and empathetic communicator.

Whether it's presentations, marketing, meetings, telephoning, writing emails or negotiations, my courses are customized to fit your needs.


Intensive 40 Units

Unit length 45 Minutes

Minimum 2 units per session

Investment: 1800€

Refresher 20 Units

45 Minutes per session

Minimum 2 units per session

Investment: 900€

All courses via online platforms (Zoom, Skype, Teams) or 1:1 in Bonn/Köln area

Books and materials not included

Payment plans available


Get In Touch: danielbeahero@gmail.com