Song Spotlight of the Week: Save it for Another

A big part of my life, since my teens, has revolved around music and I’ve written and recorded a lot of material. Each week, I’ll spotlight a song from my arsenal and give you some background info, mood and style. I’ll attach either a Soundcloud link or a video.

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Cygne Noir / Save it for Another (2014)

Save it for Another is the closing track on my 2014 EP Smile at the Sun. It was inspired by Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’.

Mood: striding, laid-back, uplifting
Style: rock, disco, R&B
Sounds like: Stevie Wonder, Indie rock meets 60s soul, music for a sunset cruise

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I’ve been making music since I got my first guitar at the age of 13.  While trying to “make it” in the music industry, I had to learn many things. I worked as a buyer and an assistant manager in record stores, a sound engineer, a freelance graphic designer, a DJ, a cook and a language teacher. I studied music and sound engineering, taught myself graphic design, got a degree in Culinary Arts and a certificate in Front-End Web Development.

I’ve lived in five countries and speak three languages. I believe in doing things with passion and perseverance. I think if you love something or someone, you should be willing to give up everything for them. I love to eat, to travel, to try new things and I have a fascination with learning.

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One of my favorite songs ever!